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Pay-Less Community Foundation Donates $30K for CNMI Typhoon Yutu Relief

From left to right (front row): Eloy Lizama, Pay-Less Contoller; Rosae Calvo, Pay-Less Community Foundation Vice President; Marie Benito, Pay-Less Community Foundation President; Frances Meno, Håya Foundation Yo'åmte; Rosalia "Mama Chai" Mateo, Håya Foundation Yo'åmte; Zita Pangelinan, Håya Foundation President; Clarissa Torres, Håya Foundation Yo'åmte Apprentice; Kamerin Pereira, Pay-Less Community Foundation Secretary From left to right (back row): Warrington Dalrymple, Pay-Less IT Manager; Kathy Sgro, Pay-Less Executive VP; Carina Pegarido, Pay-Less Marketing Manager; Mike Benito, Pay-Less General Manager; Hector Deleon, Pay-Less Dededo Store Manager; Jeff Duenas, Pay-Less Loss Prevention Manager; Ramon Imbat, Pay-Less Yigo Store Manager; Tita Castro, Pay-Less POS/Retail Pricing Manager; Gavin Gaminde, PDC Wholesale General Manager; Marygrace Hernandez, Pay-Less Grocery Buyer; Katarina Sgro, Pay-Less Local Brand Manager; Pepita Contreras-Toves, Pay-Less Micro Mall Manager; Bernie Onedera, Pay-Less Operations Manager; Janet Pineda, Pay-Less Human Resources Manager; Alyssa Benito, Pay-Less Agana Store Manager; Stacey Quitugua, Pay-Less Sumay Store Manager; Alma Guiang, Pay-Less Oka Assistant Store Manager; Doris DeGuzman, Pay-Less Sinajana Store Manager; Ben Reyes, Pay-Less Meat/Seafood Manager; Rose Akima, Pay-Less Freeze and Chill Buyer; Iris Benavente, Pay-Less Produce Buyer; Bob Field, Pay-Less Mangilao Store Manager; Lito Abulencia, Pay-Less Variety Manager; Frank Roberto, Pay-Less OSHA Specialist; Joy Calvo, Pay-Less Floral Shoppe Manager; Benny Quitugua, Pay-Less Produce Operation Manager; Annania Nauta, Pay-Less Community Relations Coordinator

Hagåtña, Guam (December 7, 2018) – Pay-Less Markets Community Foundation (PMCF) presented a check of $30,000 to Håya Foundation, a non-profit organization that has been and continues to assist victims of Typhoon Yutu in the CNMI.

Pay-Less Supermarkets hosted a "Typhoon Yutu Relief for CNMI" drive at all store locations from October 25 through November 28, 2018. The community donated roughly $18,000 through $1, $5, and $10 donations upon checkout and coin box donations at each register. PMCF matched the community's monetary donations up to $12,000 to total $30,000 for Yutu relief efforts.

Pay-Less also provided the island community the opportunity to donate food products, toiletries, and clothing at each store location and partnered with the Ayuda Foundation and Boy Scouts to ship to the CNMI. Battery packs and cases of water were among other supplies Pay- Less donated.

"There is nothing more gratifying in life than reaching out to assist the less fortunate. Pay-Less Markets, Inc., along with our Pay-Less customers and the Pay-Less Markets Community Foundation joined forces today to donate $30,000 to the victims of Typhoon Yutu residing in Saipan and Tinian. This collaborative effort is in line with one of the tenets of our Pay-Less mission statement, ‘care for our community'. Dångkolo na si Yu'os ma'åse to our generous Pay- Less customers for your contribution. We send our continued prayers and good tidings to our neighboring brothers and sisters as you now rebuild and heal," says Kathy Sgro, Pay-Less Executive Vice President.