About Us

Our Mission: To improve the quality of life of the people of Guam

Officially incorporated on May 2, 2006

The Pay-Less Community Foundation was established to better serve the Guam community and maximize available resources to support our non-profit agencies in becoming more effective in the delivery of services to meet our communities' needs.

The Pay-Less Community Foundation aims to improve the quality of life of the people of Guam and focuses on the following service areas:

  1. Health, such as corporate wellness, raising community awareness on chronic diseases, and promoting healthy lifestyles through physical activity and nutrition.
  2. Education, supporting local initiatives that address from early childhood education to workforce development.
  3. Social Services, including efforts that deal with family violence, homelessness, and other programs for families and our elderly; and on the
  4. Environment such as recycling and other beautification projects.

Board of Directors

  • Marie Benito - President
  • Rosae Calvo - Vice President
  • Kamerin Pereira - Director
  • Dr. Clare Camacho - Director
  • Franklin Sablan - Director